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Where I Stand on the Issues
"Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground" Rosa Parks

Founding Father's "Original Intent"

The Constitution is NOT A FLUID DOCUMENT!

We the People have the duty to ensure that our governmental system does not operate outside Constitutional boundaries. It is our duty to protect our God-given liberty, and restore our Constitutional Republic. That journey begins with understanding the original intention of the Founding Fathers, and educating ourselves and our posterity about the U.S. Constitution, and working to restore our government to the constitutional limitations our Founding Fathers intended. 

As a result of the original intentions of the Founding Fathers which are contained within the pages of the United States Constitution, our nation has prospered as a unique republic. In the words of George Washington, “The United States enjoy a scene of prosperity and tranquility under the new government that could hardly have been hoped for. That is, if we can keep it. "

Border Security

I support securing our borders.  Border security is essential to economic prosperity, national sovereignty, and homeland security as it provides safety for our country.  Border control protects states against illegal movement of drugs, weapons, and contraband as well as restrict territorial access to illegal immigrants.

According to lead researcher, Steven A. Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies  that number  in the U.S. soared by more than 1 million last year (2021), reaching  11.4 million as of this January. The surge is the largest in two decades and is among the largest single-year increases in U.S. history. (By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 29, 2022)

Election Integrity 

Transparency is CRITICAL to ensure free and fair elections we can TRUST. I support better education for election judges, picture ID, a controlled mail in ballot system, and forensic audits to confirm election results and insure that all LEGAL votes are counted.  

Medical Freedom / No Mandates

I support preserving each citizens’ right to work, travel, and worship without governmental obstruction. Governments, businesses, organizations, and schools do not have the right to deny citizens their constitutional rights or impose restrictions that are based on fear and manipulation of the statistics, and local government, businesses, organizations and schools should not be subject to loss of federal or state funding  when electing to adopt city ordinances that free them from higher level orders.

Military and First Responders

I advocate for the necessary funding for federal, state, and local governments to bolster the livelihoods of the tens of thousands of first responders and military personnel who dedicate their lives to ensuring the safety of all Americans.  Communities must have the monies necessary to hire and train the number of peace officers needed to maintain law in order, and our military must be fiscally sound and ready to defend our great country.  

Fiscal Responsibility / Budget Transparency

As a young boy my father taught me the importance of never spending more than I earned, that saving money for something I really wanted would make me appreciate the item and take better care of it than if I were given it for free, that it is important to have an emergency savings, and to always gift with a generous and thankful heart.  

I believe these same values ought to transfer over to the public sector. Public spending is vulnerable not only to waste and misuse, but also to fraud.  Elected officials must maintain high standards of integrity in the use of public funds and be open and transparent with their budget processes.  Doing so cultivates trust that the elected officials are working to foster a symbiotic relationship with their constituents while ensuring that public money is being used to support their constituents’ views and interests.

Limited Government

I echo the message of James Madison stated in the Federalist #51, "Because men are not angels, they need government, but that government must be controlled and limited for the same reason. Because those in our government are men rather than angels, we must not allow them the kind of power that this regulatory czar desires and claims." 

Sanctity of Life

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a politician or celebrity PREACHING THE WONDERS of violence, discrimination, or natural disasters; but the same simply isn’t true of abortion. Within just a few decades, abortion has been mainstreamed, popularized, and even celebrated (even though it) always kills, and it always kills the innocent.  This makes the fight to end abortion all the more urgent because there’s real, institutionalized opposition.  (Ruth Moreno).  

I will be a voice for the voiceless.  God is the author of life, and life begins at conception.  I will do all in my power to help protect it.

Kent County Contract

The Kent Contract Coalition desires to hold Kent County Commission Candidates better accountable with a Kent County Contract.  The Contract intends to incorporate and uphold all rights and liberties provided by our United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Michigan Constitution.  I certify that I have signed this contract of my own free will.  You may find a copy of the contract here. 

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